Start a Chapter

Welcome to a great FBLA-PBL year!

We are excited that you are interested in starting a PBL chapter at your college or university. In order to assist prospective students and advisers in the chartering process, we have come up with list of steps to take in your quest to start a PBL chapter.

1. Contact the State Adviser to find out if your school already had a chapter and if you just need to go through a reactivation process. The reactivation process will be explained to you if necessary.

2. If this will be a new chapter, visit the FBLA-PBL National Center website and fill out the Chapter Organizational Packet (COP) request form here.

3. If you are a student looking to charter or reactivate a chapter, look in your school’s business, technology and education departments for a faculty adviser.

4. Engage with faculty members and other students to generate interest in FBLA-PBL.

5. Hold a meeting to form the local chapter and elect at least the essential officer positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer).

6. Compose chapter bylaws by using the sample in the RESOURCES section of our website. If you need additional assistance with composing your chapter bylaws, contact your State Parliamentarian or your National Parliamentarian.

7. Once your application is approved, you’ll receive a chapter number and login to register members and activate the chapter. This will allow you to pay the chapter activation fee and submit dues payments for your members.

a. Dues are $16 per person: $10 National Dues and $6 State Dues. Make checks payable to FBLA-PBL, Inc.

9. Host a chapter and officer installation ceremony at your school. You can present your new charter and pass out membership cards received from the National Center.

10. Plan local chapter activities and events through use of chapter committees.