Each One Reach One Day


FBLA-PBL Week is the perfect opportunity to grow your local FBLA-PBL chapter.

The most successful recruiting method is really very simple . . . Just Ask!

Still, many prospective members need a little more encouragement to take the first step toward membership.  “Each One Reach One” day is an opportunity to talk to the people you encounter on campus – and interact with on social media – and let them know about your personal experiences with FBLA-PBL. And, of course, ask them to join!

All you need to do is “replace” yourself with one new member on “Each One Reach One” day, and your chapter will be that much stronger.

Start by reminding prospective members of the countless opportunities FBLA-PBL offers:

  • challenging competitive events;
  • exciting conferences in fun destinations all over the country;
  • scholarships and recognition programs;
  • networking opportunities with almost a quarter million other young leaders and dedicated alumni.

And don’t forget to mention the countless community service, fundraising, and social activities your chapter organizes.

As an incentive to recruit, chapters that recruit five new members will receive the Membership Madness Award, while those that recruit ten new members will receive the Membership Mania Award.  These awards include certificates of recognition, which are powerful additions to scholarship applications or job portfolios.

Are you ready to double your membership? Here are five recruitment ideas you can use for “Each One Reach One” day:

1. Have members create posters to hang in the hallway or around campus. Snap photos and post them to Facebook and Twitter, including the FBLA-PBL National Center Facebook page.

2. Watch the “$tart $mart – Your Guide to Second Semester Recruitment” webinar. It’s a great refresher on how to recruit in the spring semester

3. Celebrate FBLA-PBL’s birthday by reviewing the 70th Birthday Article.

4. Bring a friend, who is a non-member, to a chapter activity or social event. Prospective members are the lifeblood of a strong chapter, and you’ll want them to meet the other great members in your chapter.

5. Sponsor a Meet-and-Greet Recruitment Booth.  Find a place at your school with dense foot traffic and set up an FBLA-PBL Recruitment Booth. Attract potential members with giveaways (candy always works).

Southeast Missouri State University PBL members

Remember, by recruiting new members you are benefitting your local, state, and national organization far more that you can imagine: you’re providing new members with the opportunity to run for an office, network with students from across the nation and receive some of the best leadership training available.

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