FBLA-PBL sets aside the second full week of February, each year, as National FBLA-PBL Week. Chapters are encouraged to use this time to publicize their activities and successes, boost their membership, and gear up for their spring activities. Each day has a special focus to help you get your members excited to participate, nationally, during FBLA-PBL Week!

Follow throughout the week by reading blog posts about the day’s activities:


February 9 – National Presidents’ Open Forum & Fight to the Finish

Kick off FBLA-PBL Week with the National Presidents’ Open Forum! All three division national presidents (FBLA, PBL, and Professional Division) will host a live Google Hangout on Monday, February 9, at 6:00 pm CST.

Have you completed the three levels of the Career and Membership Achievement Program (CMAP)? ”Fight to the Finish” recognizes the top 3 chapters with the most Career and Membership Achievement Program completed. 


February 10 – Each One Reach One Day

Are you ready to double your membership? Discover fun and easy recruitment ideas you can use for “Each One Reach One” day.


February 11 – Professional Attire Day/Adviser Appreciation Day

Show off your professionalism by dressing for success and share your appreciation for those that teach, lead, and mentor your chapter. Read more for tips on how to do both.


February 12 – Connect with the Professional Division for Career Awareness Day

Get involved with your Professional Division and start connecting with community leaders. It’s the ideal way to celebrate Career Awareness Day!


February 13 – FBLA-PBL Pride Day

Show your true colors by posting a group photo to the FBL-PBL National Center Facebook page and the Louisiana PBL Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While you’re at it, schedule a Google Hangout and celebrate with your national officers—FBLA or PBL! Your State and National Officer Teams are waiting to share successful FBLA-PBL Week tips on how to show your FBLA-PBL pride and engage your members in the experience.


February 14 – Community Service Day

Serve your community by planning a service project for your chapter. Volunteering at a homeless shelter, organizing a blood drive, and partnering with a local charity improves your community—and FBLA-PBL member team spirit!

Additional ideas to help spread the word about FBLA-PBL Week, locally:

  • Promote FBLA-PBL Week with a press release [sample]. Send a press release about FBLA-PBL Week to the local newspapers, radio stations, and television stations, including the local community access cable station. Send a follow-up reminder a few days before your event with a special page describing photo opportunities available during FBLA-PBL Week at your school.
  • Promote FBLA-PBL Week online. Blog, Tweet, or Facebook before and during FBLA-PBL Week. Create and post a FBLA-PBL Week promotional video to YouTube. And be sure to snap photos throughout the week and post them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, etc. Don’t forget to tag the FBLA-PBL National Facebook page and the Louisiana PBL Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Download the sample Proclamation. You will need to research the process for requesting a proclamation in your area. Look on your local or state government’s website for contact information and procedures. Depending on the volume of requests their office receives, you may need to submit your request several days prior to the date you’d like to pick it up. Once you have a contact, send them a copy of your proclamation sample text and they will let you know when you can pick it up. Be sure to ask if a government official will be there to present it to you, and if so, be sure to bring a camera. If you are planning to receive your proclamation in conjunction with an event, send a press release to your local media.