Professional Attire / Adviser Appreciation Day


Your involvement in FBLA-PBL’s educational programs, social and networking events, and conferences, gives you a taste of the business world.

Professionalism is an essential skill that will have a major impact on your business success, whether you are continuing your education or moving to the work world.  Professional interactions and interpersonal relationships are vitally important in business settings.10003443_260316754141876_791594258_n

At the State Leadership Conference, all members follow the FBLA-PBL Dress Code, which is designed to help members look like the business leaders they aspire to become. The dress code is in place during all conference functions, such as Opening Session, workshops, competitive events, and the Awards of Excellence Ceremony.

Today is Professional Attire Day, where FBLA-PBL members are encouraged to dress in their best business attire and show off their professionalism. From impressive knots to polished shoes, you know how to look great!  Throughout the day, post your sharp-dressed photos on Twitter (with the hashtag #FBLAPBLWeek), on the FBLA-PBL National Center Facebook page, and the Louisiana PBL Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. At the end of the day, get your chapter together for a group photo to show off your chapter spirit!

Adviser Appreciation Day

Today is also Adviser Appreciation Day. We salute all of our local chapter advisers who make success a reality for FBLA, FBLA-ML, and PBL members. Our advisers

teach, lead, and, more than any other profession, mentor our members to become successful future business leaders. Thank you advisers!

Here are some tips for today’s activities:

1. Prepare elevator speeches. Since your officers are already in professional attire, have them record a brief introduction to FBLA-PBL. Post it on your social media accounts and include it with emails as you seek local sponsorships.

2. Write a news release about FBLA-PBL Week. Your release will get more attention if you include a picture, so pose for a chapter photo and include it with your release. And don’t forget: upload it to the  FBLA-PBL National Center Facebook page.

3. Get Up to (Dress) Code. Encourage your local chapter officers to dress up for local chapter meetings or plan a future meeting that meets the dress code.

4. Test Your Etiquette IQ. Now that you are all dressed up, talk to your members about the importance of business etiquette.  Take the Etiquette quiz and follow up with the answers on this PowerPoint:

5. Say “Thank You.” FBLA-PBL members, don’t forget to thank your local chapter adviser today. Why not send them an email, make a card, or update your status with a big “thanks.” You could even say “thank you” in person.