The Louisiana Phi Beta Lambda and FBLA-PBL have a rich and diverse history of programs and competitive events. Information on the many programs and competitive events offered can be found below.


The Louisiana PBL and FBLA-PBL offer outstanding conferences that are planned and executed by the association for its members.


Important dates for Louisiana PBL members and advisers, from upcoming conferences to program deadlines.

Leadership Training

Effectively training the next generation of leaders is the key to FBLA-PBL’s success. FBLA-PBL and Louisiana PBL have contracted and crafted excellent workshops and seminars for its members and advisers.

Competitive Events

The PBL National Awards Program recognizes excellence in a number of business and career-related areas. PBL competitive events also prepare college students for the workforce by expanding their classroom experience with real-world scenarios.

Program of Work

Each year the Louisiana PBL State Officer Team creates goals for the membership year. To achieve those goals, they set up various platforms and programs for the benefit of the membership and the association.